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Been working on this off and on for over two months. It's a project dashboard plugin that allows you to organize workspace for easy launching and switching. It was a lot of fun to figure this out, given that Code is Electron there was a lot I had to learn about things like NPM and TypeScript. I'm sold on TypeScript now though. The most important distinction (to me) is that this one supports remote development, without requiring it be installed on the remote servers. So many extensions are wrongly classified and have no business being installed remotely when they are just UI work.
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Code's default behaviour when you do Emmet abbreviations:
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I had no idea you could do this. But you can. It's in the right click menu for the tab.
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Today I learned on accident that if you hit Ctrl+ Shift + > a little dropdown comes out of the path bar underneath the document tabs that I have always ignored, and that dropdown makes it really easy to fly around the structure of the file you are working in.
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