The Pegasus Gate Network is a little blogging system/network I am building as an experiment. Instead of just using something like WordPress I am pushing 100% of my own ideals, habits, and engineering into a blogging platform. There is a huge difference between how most "easy" to setup apps like WP, or broader content frameworks like Drupal are built and deployed, compared to how we tend to build larger in-place systems when building production systems for companies and clients. For example one consideration that has been made from the start is using an object store for image uploads, which is just one of the things you do not see in most freesumer level packages.

I started this project in 2017 and then just sat on it forever. The core thing is I need something that is good for blogging about code so that is where I started. Originally all I wanted to build a blog so I could rant about various programming things instead of making 20 tweet threads on Twitter, but then I kind of went overboard and started making it multi-user, multi-blog, with permission systems and eventually here I intend to open it up for anyone to sign up. I am a backend engineer by trade so it is being built the way a backend engineer would look at a website.

I am also considering some methods that could help make the network pay for itself if other people start to use it, like maybe a small monthly fee to increase the amount of photos you can store, as I never want to put any shitty third party ad services on it like Google ads or whatever. I am not against if someone wanted to directly sponsor for an ad-like spot but I refuse to put any sort of third party tracking system in.

On this particular blog I'll just be posting site news as it pertains to the network as a whole, on my personal blog I'll be talking about all sorts of things about development (both this site and in general) and gaming.

Current Driving Technologies

  • PHP 7.4 (to be PHP 8 as soon as it comes out)
  • Maria DB 10.3
  • Apache 2.4
  • Atlantis (the name I gave the blogging code itself)
  • Nether (a lightweight web framework)
  • jQuery (the only JS framework in use. like i said, backend engineer here)
  • Jodit 3 (the WYSIWYG editor currently being used)
  • Digital Ocean Droplet
  • Digital Ocean Spaces