Picking up some steam lately, here is some recent progress that has been made.
Basic commenting is finally working. Accounts are not currently required. Permissions are in place though so that a user can determine if comments should be open to anyone, members, or friends, on a per blog or per post level.
The ability to set a primary image for a blog post from any of the images in that post was added. Choosing that will select that image to be displayed on the blog listing as like a teaser graphic. Also added some little mostly pointless stats on the post listings like how many images are in that post in the event people start treating it like Tumblr. It also tries to estimate how long it would take to read that post. No idea if it is accurate but its math everyone suggested so whatever.
The blog indexes themselves got huge upgrades overall with the post previews and layout methinks.
Overall there was a design refresh over most of the blog though that has yet to hit the post editor itself.
Making some progress on the actual administration tools so problems with users could be dealt with. That is one of the last few things before opening up registration. Some tooling as well for helping administrate the application server.