Terms of Use

The Pegasus Gate Project / Atlantis is a little blog plaform I built so I could blog about programming. It has also been built multi-user which means if you want, you can create an account and start blogging as well.

  1. Don't post literally illegal garbage.
  2. Don't post hate bullshit of any kind (racism, sexism, whatever).
  3. Flag your Adult (nudes, porns, etc) crap as Adult.
  4. Don't be a giant asshole.

Re: Freedom of Speech.

One strongly American nuance is the belief that the "Freedom Of Speech" somehow includes a clause that demands others must put up with you being a douche. This is untrue.

If you post something for example deemed racist garbage into our database, deleting it is not tramping on your Freedom Of Speech. Tramping you would be calling the federal government and telling them "Look, a heretic over there!" and then they come throw your ass in jail (or worse).

Re: Adult Content.

I do not care if you post adult content. All I ask is that you use the "This Post Contains" or "This Blog Contains Adult Content" feature that I have already built into the platform. The only filtering that I will do is that a user must be logged in and opt-in to adult content before it will start showing in the search and homepage listings. You can still send people links to your adult content who are not logged and it will warn them and offer them a choice to see it. I have no intentions of further degrading the search results or timeline in the way Tumblr did past a simple yes/no choice of the user about if they want to see adult content.

If you do not have honour and fail to flag your adult content as adult you will probably be deleted.

Re: Don't be an asshole.

Here is a simple 30 second guide on how to try and fit in around here.

Privacy Policy

  1. I don't care about your personal data.
  2. Blog and Post data can be exported if you email me. Not yet build it into the Dashboard.

Guess what this site might have cookies what a surprise I bet you never expected that.