welcome to my [dev//space]

Dashboard for VS Code

Adds the ability to create and organize projects into a dashboard for quick launching. Supports both local directories and Remote Development connections.

Backup Here Device

Small project backup manager. Handles multiple projects, schedules how frequently it should be backed up. Can be either a single living copy or dated snapshots. Uses system level tools to perform low level backups (rsync, git, ssh, mysqldump).

Nether Atlantis


Is it a framework you should be using? Probably not. No, really. It's my green field. But anyway the documentation here is just a vanilla copy of it running. It is open source for no real reason, and not compliant to any standards but its own.

Generally the documentation will be correct. Some days the documentation may be 300% wrong. All the Nether packages are pulling from the master branch there is currently no sembalnce of stability. But if you are crazy too, or just want to see what insanity looks like, here it is.