This a test post using a new editor with a new storage format. It is using Editor.js for a WYSIWYG-ish editor, which instead of HTML, generates a JSON structure where each "paragraph" ends up being its own block with its own properties. It has been a lot of work to pivot but the primary thing is that it handles blogging about programming code a lot nicer than all the rest did.

Code Sample

Here are some example code blocks using a custom plugin I wrote for Editor.js to use CodeMirror for syntax highlighting both inside the editor and viewing the blog post, using a custom syntax highlight theme based off Synthwave '84.
class Rektifier {
@date 2020-10-11
utility class for determining if a thing is rekt.
	public function
	__Construct(String $Thing) {
		$this->Thing = $Thing;
	public function
	Bool {
		return TRUE;

$Rekter = new Rektifier('Your Mom');


<div class="row">
	<div class="col-auto">
		<?php $Printer($Rekter->Thing) ?>
	<div class="col">
		<?php $Printer($Rekter->IsRekt() ? 'Is Rekt' : 'Is Not Rekt') ?>

Image sample

This here is an image block for single primary post example images.
This is what editing a post looks like.