Making a list of features that the Snapmaker 2 has that are major improvements over the original machine. Things that really stand out to me. It will grow over time I am sure.
- The biggest one has to be the auto-leveling.  I now no longer fear having to spend 15 minutes to 3 days getting the bed leveled and all the bits in alignment when switching from 3D to Laser and back again. It is still a substantial amount of screwdrivering to do, but that only takes like 20 minutes compared to the possibility of probably never getting it feeling quite the same ever again.

- The machine can read from subfolders now off the USB stick.

- The machine copies the gcode to itself before beginning the print. This means you can yank the key out while its going and omg.

- The print head you can now clear minor jams from it without removing it from the gantry. Not that I had one yet its just the door is right there gives you access to all the cogs, its pretty great.

- The print head now can feed itself it is so nice and easy to change filaments now. On the old one you had to fukken near snap your thumb off (probably how they came up with the name snapmaker) pushing in the key on the front to release the filament against the worlds strongest spring, without somehow bending all of your axis bars or ripping it straight off baseplate because it had I guess aluminum screws.

- The screwdriver it came with actually fits in the screwheads properly, did not suffer any stripped heads this time.

- The magnetic bed coming off the heated bed is nice, you can give it a light flex and boop, parts come off.


There is one thing about Snapmaker 2 that is the OMFG worst thing.
"Make Something Wonderful"
They put it on everything. The book cover, the big box, the toolbox, the damn home screen of the UI says it everything says it its just everywhere and why? I think its the caps too, to rub it in that it is probably some super official slogan don't you dare think about it out of context. Going to have horrible nightmares about 3D printed dummies with their heads spinning going MAKE SOMETHING WUNDERFUL MAKESOMETHING WUNDRFUL COME ON BOB DONT U WANT TO MAKE SOMTHIN VVONDERUFLLLLLLLLLLLL *CACKLECRACKLE*