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I had no idea you could do this. But you can. It's in the right click menu for the tab.
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Going to submit this one to Github's Glacial Archive Storage Thing for sure.
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Today I learned on accident that if you hit Ctrl+ Shift + > a little dropdown comes out of the path bar underneath the document tabs that I have always ignored, and that dropdown makes it really easy to fly around the structure of the file you are working in.
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I recently looped back around to working on my blog with the intention of finally adding environment support. Originally the site was all there was and I was working on the live copy, but now it is aware of the environment and I am able to do sweeping changes on a private server without messing up the live server. This project however is the first one I am using DigitalOcean's Spaces product - an S3 compatible (mostly) object storage - and so I needed to copy a snapshot of my existing bucket to a new bucket just for my development needs.
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At first this was a feature I was excited for. After using it, I've changed my mind about it. Constructor property promotion was added so that you could pass an argument to a class constructor, and it would get auto assigned to a property, without you having to do $this->That = $That in your constructors over and over.
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